In February 2012 the band Resurrect Tomorrow is founded. Most of the members already know each other; some a couple of years, some over 10 years. The four-piece band decides to start writing songs for a full album immediately. By the end of the year, this resulted in the songs which would eventually be on the album ‘A Dying Lie’.

Resurrect Tomorrow decided to tour in the homeland of lead singer Hakan Aydín – Turkey – for two weeks, playing all the songs that would be on ‘A Dying Lie’.

Not too long after coming back home, bassist Jeffrey van Splunder quits the band for personal reasons. Resurrect Tomorrow soon found a new bassplayer in the person of Ilja Timmerman. With the updated line-up the band continues to complete their first album towards a digital release on December 8th, 2013.

The album was released digitally on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and CDBaby.

A varied background and plethora of musical experience brings together a set of musicians that when put together realize an intense feeling of raw metal. A less is more and no-subtelty attitude means that nothing is ever loud enough, as the band strives to give 110% every step of the way.

Resurrect Tomorrow is:

Aaron Oostdijk – guitar
Hakan Aydín – lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Ilja Timmerman – bass
Stephan de Regt – drums