Thank you California!

So we went to California a couple of weeks ago! We had so much fun over there and enjoyed playing for awesome crowds! We made some video recordings of a couple of the shows, so we’ll be posting some clips in the next few weeks! Here’s one to start with: Self Denial at The Englander Pub in San Leandro. We had some help so, special thanks to: Steven Schmidt, Jeff Sanborn, Jessica Wabbit Burke, True Cheyenne, James Boyd, Jeremy Brown, Robby Perry, Scott Proctor

USA Tour announcement

We are super excited to share our recent activities:
Resurrect Tomorrow will tour the USA, California from June 7th – 27th! Currently we are still very busy making all the needed arragements, but more and more pieces of the puzzle are sliding into place. We’ve just added a couple of shows to the tourpage which we will keep updating as soon as more shows are confirmed!

Physical CD release A Dying Lie

Yes, that’s right! From now on, A Dying Lie is not only available for digital stream/download but also on CD! Contact us to get one for only 5 euros. Or, to save those 5 euros, post a message on our facebook timeline during our radio performance at radio Midland FM. Post your message this Thursday between 20:00 and 22:00 and we’ll hook u up with a free copy of A Dying Lie (pick it up or pay sending costs only)

A Dying Lie CD