Physical CD release A Dying Lie

Yes, that’s right! From now on, A Dying Lie is not only available for digital stream/download but also on CD! Contact us to get one for only 5 euros. Or, to save those 5 euros, post a message on our facebook timeline during our radio performance at radio Midland FM. Post your message this Thursday between 20:00 and 22:00 and we’ll hook u up with a free copy of A Dying Lie (pick it up or pay sending costs only)

A Dying Lie CD

New website online

Hi there!

You might have noticed by now…our new website is online! Please keep in mind that it is still being worked on, so, if you should find any bugs or have a wish for certain content, please inform us!

In the mean while…go to Discography to listen to the entire ‘A Dying Lie’ album!